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Phoenix Worldwide has relationships with all energy suppliers in the deregulated states and can obtain the best electricity and natural gas rates for any client. Phoenix Worldwide is here for you.  Our focus is saving time and money for our clients.

The energy procurement process is both time consuming and complex.  We will simplify the process while minimizing your commitment through the following course of action:

Strategy Meeting: We will take copies of your recent gas and electricity bills, analyze your energy usage patterns and levels and prepare a request for price quotes from suppliers.
Assessment and Selection of Bids: Once we receive bids from multiple suppliers, we analyze them, along with the terms of the various suppliers’ contracts. We then challenge the individual suppliers with the goal of driving the prices even lower. We present this information to you, displaying each price, your annual cost associated with each price and important differences among the contracts. Most importantly, we’ll help you understand the information and guide you to the best decision.  Trust us, this can be very confusing without someone like Phoenix Worldwide explaining it!
Preparing the Contract: After deciding on your supplier and contract terms, we thoroughly review the contract and transmit it to you.
Finalizing the Contract: We coordinate the execution of the contract to your satisfaction. This process should take less than two weeks, depending on the size of your electrical load. The good news is that your energy concerns are over. You are now in control with a lower cost FIXED or VARIABLE billing plan that reflects your needs, thanks to Phoenix Worldwide.
For large electrical loads, the above process takes Phoenix Worldwide roughly two weeks to complete. For smaller commercial loads, the above process can be much faster, if interval data is not required. Supplier contracts are provided to clients in advance of the contract date, since prices change daily.

What happens when you choose a new natural gas or electricity supplier?

The new supplier notifies the old supplier and utility that you have changed suppliers.

The new supplier transmits utility account information to the utility in order to enroll you as a customer.

The utility confirms, by letter to you, of your new supplier selection and the date your new service begins.

The actual change of supplier occurs on the meter reading date following a successful enrollment.

Your present utility continues to deliver your electricity and remains your single point of contact for any service issues.

Phoenix Worldwide simplifies the process by providing a single point of access to all energy suppliers, including the ones that you likely would not be able to contact. We develop a client-approved procurement strategy and monitor the energy markets in order to execute to the strategy when market conditions are favorable.