Lower Utility Bills

The Phoenix Worldwide Advantage

Use a Professional Energy Broker to Control Your Utilities Bill

How much will your company’s energy cost next month? If you are like most business owners or financial executives, the peaks and valleys of your company’s energy bill put you on an unnecessary roller coaster ride. From month to month you never know what to expect.

Because of demand, peak usage charges and the shifting price of fuel, it’s impossible to predict the size of your company’s energy bill. In other words, you’re playing the risk game with your budget.

Just like any other commodity, electricity and natural gas prices fluctuate wildly and most companies get caught in the middle. The fact is, you can lock in prices or take advantage of substantial discounts if you have an advocate like Phoenix Worldwide to negotiate with multiple suppliers simultaneously. This lets you reduce the risk associated with the open market.

For the past decade, Phoenix Worldwide has brought predictability to the purchasing of energy. As a result, when it comes to energy, our clients are in control of that expense and in a better position to plan for the future.

Start Saving Time and Money

The competitive supply options are there, but you need an expert to identify the best value for you. Is it being placed in a aggregated pool of similar businesses (such as restaurants or bars) in order to qualify for larger bulk contracts? Is it locking in a lower fixed rate for multiple years to bring consistency to your monthly bill and sanity to your business? Or Is it a variable contract that tracks very close to the speculative and fluctuating strike price (lower cost in a declining market, but a killer in a volatile one.

We have a single focus: obtaining the best possible terms for your energy supply. We believe you should pay for the energy you use based on when and how you use it. Phoenix Worldwide contracts directly with energy suppliers on your behalf. As a result, you may be able to save from 15% to as much as 45% on your energy usage to benefit your company’s bottom line.

The vast majority of companies overpay for their energy. Your electricity supplier is not going to walk in your door to offer to help you reduce the cost, but Phoenix Worldwide will.

We’re independent licensed brokers who work with power generation & supply companies around the nation to get you the best terms on your energy. Often, we find prices that aren’t advertised from alternative energy supply companies that only work through brokers. We then help you lock in those prices, saving you very real money.

Stop playing the rollercoaster risk game and tale control of your energy costs by contacting Phoenix Worldwide.  Get a price Quote today and for more information, contact us via email or call 800-999-0000 x150.